About ourselves:

“It all started with – let’s call them friends, as that’s what we are now – sitting at a table trying to figure out how to explain in one clear and simple sentence what blockchain technology is. Since then we have explained the principles of blockchain to thousands of those who are open to this technology, always hoping they will be confident enough to ask questions when we finished.”

Ragó Sándor

CEO | Blockchaineum

Everything blockchain

We wish to introduce the potentials of blockchain technology to as many people as possible.

Dear reader, whether you are interested personally or arrived at this webpage as the representative of a company, you should know that to understand blockchain technology you also need to know how we got here. To be able to apply it successfully and think within its frames, you must see its present and future.


Conferences, workshops, contests and round table discussions. We do not just sit around. We always organise something.

Hungary, as the Central Eastern European centre of blockchain technology. This is our vision, and this is what we are working for day by day.

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