1. Privacy Policy


    As for controlling data, Blockchaineum Group Kft. as Data Controller hereby informs the persons concerned about the personal data it controls on the website www.blockchaineum.hu (hereinafter: “Website”), the principles and practices of controlling personal data and the ways and options to exercise the rights of those concerned (hereinafter: “you” or “User”).

    Blockchaineum Group Kft. controls data with your voluntary consent according to point a) of 5. § (1) of the Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information (Hereinafter: Information Act) and Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Services and Services Related to Information Society. You consent to data control by using the Website, registration or the voluntary provision of the data in question.

    We undertake to process data in compliance with our policies and the relevant legislation.

    Blockchaineum Group Kft. agrees to and accepts to be bound by the legal contents of this communication.

    To view Website contents, the provision of personal data is not needed.

    Blockchaineum Group Kft. respects the personal rights of the Users of the Website and manages their data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

    Blockchaineum Group Kft. reserves the right to unilaterally modify this Privacy Policy with prior notice to Users. Upon the entry into force of such modifications User agrees, by using the Service as agreement expressed by conduct, to the amended Privacy Policy. By using the Website, you agree to the following and agree to the ways of data control specified below.


    1. Name of Data Controller:

    Name: Blockchaineum Group Kft.

    Headquarters and mail address: 1/N Szabadság út, 2463 Tordas, Hungary

    Company registry number: 26138899-2-07

    Name of registering authority: Székesfehérvári Törvényszék Cégbírósága (Registry Court of the Court of Justice of Székesfehérvár)

    E-mail address: hello@blockchaineum.hu

    Data protection registry number: Application submitted. (Application submitted to Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, NAIH): 16 January 2018, 22:15)


    Blockchaineum Group Kft. will only receive complaints and observations related to data processing at the e-mail address indicated above and you may ask for information on the processing of your personal information at this address.


    1. Definitions:
        1. Party Concerned (you or User): natural person identified or identifiable directly or indirectly by any specific personal data;
        2. Personal data: data relating to the Party Concerned, in particular the name of the Party Concerned, information on his/her identity, and the conclusions about the Party Concerned deductible from the data;
        3. Consent: voluntary and decisive expression of the will of the Party Concerned, which is based on appropriate information and expresses an unmistakable consent to the processing of the personal data of the Party Concerned – covering all or certain operations;
        4. Objection: a statement from the Party Concerned where the processing of personal data is objected and requests the cessation of data processing and the deletion of personal data;
        5. Data Controller: a natural or legal person or an organization without legal personality, in this case the Service Provider, which either independently or in cooperating with others determines the purpose of data processing, makes and executes decisions on data processing (including the equipment used) or has the contracted data processor execute them;
              1. Data processing (for data control): irrespective of the method used, any or all operations performed on data, including in particular collecting, capturing, recording, organizing, storing, modifying, using, querying, transmitting, disclosing, aligning or linking, blocking, deleting and destroying data, preventing further use, creating photographs, sound or image recordings and recording physical features (such as finger or palm print, DNA pattern, and iris image) that can identify a person


              1. Data processing: performing technical tasks related to data controlling operations, irrespective of the method and device used to perform the operations and the place of application, provided that the technical task is carried out on the data;
              1. Data Processor: a natural person or legal entity or an organization without legal personality which, by virtue of a contract concluded with Data Controller, including the conclusion of a contract under the provisions of the law, processes the data;
              1. Data transmission: Making data available to a specific third party;
              1. Deletion of data: making data unrecognizable in such a way that their restoration is no longer possible;
              1. Blocking of data: limiting the further processing of data for an unlimited or specific period of time by means of assigning an identification mark to them;
            1. Third party: a natural person or legal entity or an organization without legal personality that is not the same as the Party Concerned, the Data Controller or the Data Processor.


          1. Purpose of data processing:

    The personal data collected by Blockchaineum Group Kft. and provided voluntarily by you are used primarily for registration of events, performance of the requested service and invoicing.


          1. Duration of data processing:

    The processing of personal data provided during registration will start with the registration and ends with the cancellation of the registration. You may request the deletion of your data any time from Blockchaineum Group Kft. by sending the relevant application to the mail address specified under section 1. Data shall be deleted within 2 working days from receiving the request.


    Logged data are stored by the system for 3 months from the data of logging, except for the date of the last visit which is automatically updated.

    The above provisions do not affect the fulfilment of the retention obligations prescribed by the relevant legislation (e.g. accounting rules) and the processing of data on the basis of consents given at registration for the website or in other ways.


          1. Processed data

    5.1. Data required to complete an order, which should be provided in a mandatory or optional fashion when registering or ordering:

    – Family name

    – First name

    – Name of company

    – Phone number

    – E-mail address

    – Invoicing data


    Once you have provided these data, we will notify you when your registration is completed. You may, after registration, provide non-mandatory additional information, if it is necessary to complete and facilitate the services we provide.

    5.2. Cookies

    In some cases, anonymous visitor IDs (cookies) will also be used to optimize the site so that it can match user preferences.

    The computers of our visitors are identified by the system using a small file known as a cookie. When downloading sections of the Website, cookies are placed on your computer that are required for the operation of the Website. To be able to view all contents on the Service Provider’s Website, you will need to enable cookies. Cookies are small text files saved by your computer and browser. Blockchaineum Group Kft. will not send any special notification about this to you.

    The “Help” function available in most browsers’ menus provides information on the following functions in your browser:

    – how to disable cookies,

    – how to accept new cookies,

    – how to instruct the browser to set a new cookie, or

    – how to disable other cookies.

    We use two types of cookies:

    – Session cookie: session cookies are automatically deleted from your computer, once your visit is over.

    These cookies enable the efficient and safe use of our Website; thus, they are essential for the proper operation of website functions or applications.

    – Persistent cookie: we also use persistent cookies (e.g. for optimised navigation). These cookies are stored for a longer time in the cookie file of the browser. The duration depends on the settings of your browser.

    Using these cookies, we collect anonymous data for marketing and optimising purposes. Obviously, you may disable the use of your data for these purposes any time through any of the contact details specified above.

    These cookies are not suitable for identifying you and are only live during the session.


    5.3. Technical data: When browsing the Website, technical data are recorded (for example in the form of log files that include the user’s IP address, the date, the URL of the visited page, the time of the visit, the data of the viewed pages, and the name of the browser used. Our Server Log files store information that your browser sends to us, such as:

    – referrer URL (URL of the previously visited page)

    – type/version of browser

    – operating system used

    – IP address

    – exact server time

    The data collected this way are only accessible by Blockchaineum Group Kft. We only use these data for the technical operation of our Website and statistical purposes.


          1. Entities having access to data

    Data are primarily accessible to the internal staff of Blockchaineum Group Kft. Data are not published and not made available for unauthorised third parties. Data may only be used for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy.

    To operate the underlying IT system and manage financial issues, we may contract Data Processors (system operator, accountant, etc.). We shall not be held liable for the data processing practices of these external parties.


          1. Data processing

    For its activities, Blockchaineum Group Kft. uses the services of the following Data Processors:


    Name of Data Processor:

    The Rocket Science Group, LLC d/b/a MailChimp

    512 Means St., Suite 404, Atlanta, GA 30318, USA

    Phone: +1 678 999 0141, info@mailchimp.com

    Tasks of data processing company:

    Storing email lists and the names and email addresses of those registering for Blockchaineum Group Kft events or subscribing to the Newsletter.


    Name of Data Processor:

    Eventbrite Inc

    155 5th Street 7th Floor San Francisco, CA 94103

    Phone: +1 888 215 3611, info@eventbrite.com

    Tasks of data processing company:

    Applying online event organising software, storing the names, email addresses, addresses and other data necessary for invoicing of users who registered on the webpage, for the purpose of invoicing.


    In the case of infringement of the rights of the concerned party, the impacted person may apply for the investigation of the impairment by the Data Controller and for remedy. The impacted person may exercise his/her rights before the court and may turn to the Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, address: 22/c Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor, 1125 Budapest, Hungary; telephone: +36-1-391-1400; e-mail: ugyfelszolgalat@naih.hu; www.naih.hu/kapcsolat.html).


    1. User rights related to data processing

    8.1 Right for information

    You have the right to request information any time about your personal data provided during registration that we have processed, and you may modify such data except for the registration email address any time.

    At your request, we will provide you with information about your data managed by us as well as the purposes of data processing, its legal basis, duration, and about who and for what purpose receive or received your data. Blockchaineum Group Kft. shall provide the requested information in writing within 30 days of the submission of the application. You may contact Blockchaineum Group Kft’s staff through any of the contact details under point 1 with any questions or comments about data processing.


    8.2 Rights to data deletion, correction and blocking

    You have the right to ask for the correction or deletion of incorrectly recorded data any time through any of the contact details listed below. Blockchaineum Group will delete the data within 3 business days of receiving the request; in this case they will not be recoverable. The deletion does not apply to the data required by law (e.g. accounting rules), and we will keep these for the required period of time.

    You may also apply for the blocking of your data. When receiving such a request, we will block personal data when requested by the owner of the data, or if, on the basis of the information available, it is presumed that deletion would violate your legitimate interests. The personal data thus blocked may only be managed as long as the condition that prevented the deletion of the personal data applies.

    If we fail to comply with your request for modification, blocking or deletion, we will notify you within 30 days of receiving your request about the factual and legal reasons for rejecting your application for correction, blocking or deletion.


    8.3 Right to object to the processing of personal data

    You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. Blockchaineum Group Kft. will examine the objection within the shortest possible time, but within maximum 15 days of the submission of the application, decide regarding its validity and inform you in writing of this decision. You may exercise your rights by submitting an application to the email address indicated under point 1.


          1. Legal remedy

    According to the Information Act and the Civil Code (Act IV of 1959), the User may turn to

          1. Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, 22/c Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor, 1125 Budapest, Hungary) or
          1. User may exercise his/her rights before the Court.




          1. Newsletter and information letter

    By registering through the Website, you will automatically sign up for information letters about the services provided by Blockchaineum Group Kft.

    The Newsletter may include direct marketing elements and may contain ads. When sending the Newsletter, we will handle the data you provided. Commercial contents or advertisements (Newsletters) will only be sent to the e-mail addresses given during the registration with your express consent, in the cases and in the manner in line with law. You can unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any time without limitation or justification. Unsubscribing is possible by mail, by sending an email to hello@blockchaineum.hu or by clicking on the link “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of newsletters. In this case, all your personal information, necessary for sending newsletters, will be deleted from our records and we will not contact you with any further newsletters or offers.


          1. Miscellaneous

    If you have provided third party information to be able to use the services or caused any damage when using the Website, we will have the right to claim damages against you. We do not check the validity of the personal data provided. Only the person providing the data is responsible for their conformity. Anyone providing an e-mail address on the Website will also be liable for the exclusive use of that e-mail address to obtain services. With respect to this liability, any responsibility associated with logins using a given e-mail address shall be borne exclusively by the User who has registered that e-mail address.

    By using the Website, you also agree that the contents, data and information editable by you and published on the Website will not violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties and the Service Provider.

    In such cases, we will provide the authorities in charge with all the assistance we can to help establish the identity of the offender. For such cases, we maintain our right to cancel the offender’s registration and subscription to the Newsletter. We shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by you in such cases.

    We shall take all necessary steps to guarantee the security of your personal information provided on the Website both during network communication and the storage and retention of data.

    Access to personal data is strictly limited to prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized modification or unauthorized use of personal data.

    The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that the rights and fundamental freedoms of any person, regardless of nationality or place of residence and in all areas of our services are respected, the right for privacy in particular, in the course of the automatic processing of their personal data (data protection).


    This Privacy Policy is valid starting 10 January 2018.