Cookie Policy


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file sent to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies have several functions, such as collecting information, remembering the individual settings of visitors and so on. They are used for example for online shopping carts and they generally make the use of websites easier for users.

What types of cookies are used by and for what purpose? uses cookies for the following purposes:


Essential session cookies

These cookies are needed for browsing our website and using its functions, e.g. they remember the activities you performed on particular pages during a visit. The validity of such cookies is limited to your current visit. Once your session is over or when the browser is closed, these cookies are automatically deleted from your computer.


Cookies facilitating easy use

These cookies make it possible for us to remember your selections when using our website or your choice of using our regular pages or those designed for our blind and partially sighted visitors.


Performance cookies

Google Analytics cookies are used to collect information on the ways our visitors use our website. These cookies are not able to identify you personally (they record the IP address used only partially). They collect information such as pages visited, parts of the website clicked on, number pf pages visited, duration of sessions, types of error messages (if any). All this is necessary to develop our website and improve your experiences.


How can I control or disable cookies?

Modern browsers allow modifications to cookie settings. Most browsers allow cookies by default, but such settings can be usually changed to prevent the automatic enabling of cookies and you can decide each time whether to allow cookies or not.


The legal basis of data controlling

No consent is required from the Party Concerned, if the sole purpose of the use of cookies is the communication service provided through the electronic communications network or the service provider requires it for the provision of services related to information society expressly requested by the subscriber or user.

Google Analytics

The website’s visitor data are measured by the Service Provider using Google Analytics. When using this service, data are transmitted. The transmitted data are not suitable for the identification of the Party Concerned. Learn more about Google’s privacy policy:

Keep in mind that without using these cookies, we cannot guarantee that we can provide you with the services of our website.